Are you a bbPress user?

Today we found that an important feature was missing: bbPress integration in Da Reactions plugin, so we made an update!

Download now Da Reactions Free 3.7.0 and add Reactions to every Forum’s Thread and every Reply!

You may activate Reactions for threads only, for replies or both, easily as clicking on a checkbox.

Please consider supporting this plugin with one of the following functions:

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11 thoughts on “Are you a bbPress user?

  • I am a bbPress user and also bought Da Reactions Pro but I am unable to use it anywhere on my site because it’s not showing up as a widget – either in post blocks or under the widget menu in appearances. How can I fix this?

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    • Hello, there is a Gutenberg block under Widget’s section, as you can see in this image: Da Reactions Gutenberg’s Block.

      There is also a Widget to display a list of content with most reactions under Appearance » Widgets: Content wit most Reactions Widget.

      However you don’t need to use widgets to enable reactions under your posts because you may enable them globally going to Reactions » General Settings where you should see something like this image: Da Reactions General Settings

      Also, you may enable or disable Reactions locally for a specific post using the preferences panel on the right next to post edit area: Reactions settings for single post.

      If some of those features are missing in your site please send me a report of your installation so I can look for conflicts.

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  • I have seen all these areas on my site as I have combed through them thoroughly. Reactions does not show as an option in the Gutenberg block. None of my content has “most reactions” because I can’t add it to anything right now. I don’t want to check off any of the 3rd options under the plugin’s general settings because I want the reactions to be on very specific content on our website (not all over).

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    • You may enable Reactions for specific content even if they are disabled globally, this is exactly what local settings are meant for. Edit your post and look at the right column, you should see a box named “Local settings” where you can enable Reactions just for that post.

      I don’t know why there is no Gutenberg block in your site, maybe there is a conflict with some other plugin or you are using the free version.

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    • I could investigate and solve your bugs if only you gave me more information about your installation. All I can say is that you probably have some collision issue with other plugins, theme or custom script.

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  • Hello,
    I will be happy to buy the license or make a donation, I am looking to add reactions to my bbpress forum, however for the moment with the free version, nothing is displayed, can you confirm that the paid version will work ?

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    • Hello, why don’t you simply activate the trial month to see how it works? It’s completely free.

      Please leave me a feedback if the plugin does not work, I will try to fix any bug.

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      • Tested and approved, you have just had me as a new customer your plugin in its paid version works as desired with bbpress! Thank you for your work

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  • Hi. I also installed the DaReactions plugin. Happy to rate and support/buy, except…

    I don’t see the reactions anywhere in bbPress. They show up on my post comments, but not in bbPress.

    “You may activate Reactions for threads only, for replies or both, easily as clicking on a checkbox.”

    All 3 bbPress checkboxes are checked in the “Plugins” tab. I can see the scripts being loaded on a topic replies page, but no HTML for reactions. Seems like the free version should work as advertised. I also don’t see any “free trial” on the site. Would love to use this plugin, but so far it doesn’t seem to be for me.

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    • Hello Terry, I found an “unwanted feature” that is blocking all BBPress functionalities in the free version. I fixed it and I will publish an update in a few hours. Thank you for your feedback.

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