Shortcode, finally!

The most requested new feature of DaReactions is finally available: shortcode!

Many of you have asked us how to insert the reactions widget anywhere. Some have explicitly requested the implementation of a shortcode.

Here it is:

[reactions id="769"]

The above shortcode inserts the Reactions widget for the post with ID = 769 (the one you are reading right now), the result is something like this:

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You may add any widget from any post or other site content using the type attribute, for example the widget with reactions of knowledge base page would be like this:

[reactions id="49" type="page"]

In fact the type attribute may contains any string you want, so you’ll be able to add reactions for any entity you may think of:

[reactions id="1" type="something"]

This snippet will print a reactions widget for “something” with ID = 1, even if does not exist any content type called “something”.

Obviously, using the same couple type+id multiple times will load the same widget, so clicking one of them will update all the others.

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The two widgets above have type=”something” and id=”1″

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