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    I like your plugin for WP. Thanks a lot!
    The installation was successful and I can change most of the settings.
    But I have some problems with the reaction manager. I can change the text of the reactions, add/remove reactions. But I’m not able to change the icons neither the color. Two icons appears as a circle…

    What’s wrong? How can I debug it or edit manually?

    Thanks a lot for your help

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    Hello Moritz, thank you for appreciating my work.

    The bug you are describing is weird, it could be related to a filesystem issue (reading or writing rights or something like that) or a security issue (e.g. the webpage is served as https while the images are served as http).

    What can you do?

    1. Check your browser console for errors

    Are there errors in the browser console?

    If you are not familiar with browser debugging please read this article: https://wordpress.org/support/article/using-your-browser-to-diagnose-javascript-errors/

    2. Verify that the plugin created all needed files on first activation

    If you can browse your site filesystem please check inside \wp-content\uploads\da-reactions

    This folder should contain, among other things, all reaction images used in your site, by default there are 6 images in SVG format:

    • ah-ah-3.svg
    • grrr-6.svg
    • like-1.svg
    • love-2.svg
    • sad-5.svg
    • wow-4.svg

    All files follow this naming convention:


    If those images are missing or corrupted you may delete all of them, the plugin will retry to create images the next time you deactivate and reactivate the plugin.

    Please let me know if deleting and reactivating the plugin works, if not please send me the complete configuration of your site (WordPress version, Theme name and version, all Plugins names and versions) and I will try to reproduce the bug on my machines.

    Thank you for asking.

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    Hi Daniele

    Thanks a lot for the quick response and the hints. I tried to follow your instructions:

    1. there are no error (belonging to reactions) on the console

      The source points to _circle.svg with the missinge emojis.
    2. all images existed in the uploads folder. I deleted them and after reactivation everything was fine.
      But after changing a label the same two emojis are replace with a circle again! When I duplicate the missing svg images and named once with the original name and once with the new label (in the upload folder) then the emoji are shown as expected.
      Replacing an icon doesn’t work either. But replacing it manually in the file system under uploads works fine.
    3. Somehow the reaction counting has also a problem. They counting is weird. It doesn’t seem to be related to the id or something else is wrong…

    For 2) and 3) I tried to give read&write access permission for the wp and all sub-folders for everyone and to delete all the data from reactions (general settings). After settings like icon size are reset to default, but the reactions count still is available.

    I don’t expect an access problem or what do you think?

    best regards

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    Hello, the black dot is used when the image file does not exist at all and I don’t know the reason, in fact nobody should see it ever.

    There is a function that creates the image uri and it checks everything.

    1. If the image file exists it returns the existing uri;
    2. if the file does not exist re-creates it and returns the new uri;
    3. if the file is still missing at this point it returns the default black dot of death.

    I really don’t know what’s happening, I’m trying to figure it out.

    Thank you for your patience.

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    I suppose one of the problems is that the label is used for the icon name. In FileSystem.php @ getImageUrl( $image_name ) I added some print() and I can see that the variable image_name contains the label (when I change it).
    This could explain why there is no icon found in the file system. The icon “ah ah.svg“ exists, but the same icon with the new label(laughing) „laughing.svg“ not 😉

    Could you please explain where the color setting is saved or how the color setting is treated?

    Best regards

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    Hello, since version 3.20.1 the file names are generated without including the label, so this problem is solved.

    Was the same problem as https://www.da-reactions-plugin.com/support/topic/problem-when-change-the-icons/#post-3129

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