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Hi Daniele

Thanks a lot for the quick response and the hints. I tried to follow your instructions:

  1. there are no error (belonging to reactions) on the console

    The source points to _circle.svg with the missinge emojis.
  2. all images existed in the uploads folder. I deleted them and after reactivation everything was fine.
    But after changing a label the same two emojis are replace with a circle again! When I duplicate the missing svg images and named once with the original name and once with the new label (in the upload folder) then the emoji are shown as expected.
    Replacing an icon doesn’t work either. But replacing it manually in the file system under uploads works fine.
  3. Somehow the reaction counting has also a problem. They counting is weird. It doesn’t seem to be related to the id or something else is wrong…

For 2) and 3) I tried to give read&write access permission for the wp and all sub-folders for everyone and to delete all the data from reactions (general settings). After settings like icon size are reset to default, but the reactions count still is available.

I don’t expect an access problem or what do you think?

best regards

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