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The shortcode supports up to two parameters: “id” and “type”.

By default the “type” parameter is set as “post”, so when you use the shortcode [reactions id=”769″] you are gathering reactions for the post in your blog with ID = 769.

If you want to gather reactions for other types of content you must specify the type in, like this: [reactions id=”769″ type=”book”].

You will see reactions stats in several places:
Into the dashboard widget “total reactions” you’ll see a graph with total numbers, regardless of types.
Into the dashboard widget “reactions by content type” you’ll see total reactions for existing content types, but since the free version does not support custom post types you’ll see reaction numbers only for only posts, pages, attachments and comments.
In any of the content lists, for instance in the “All Posts” page there is a Reactions column in the table (if not you may enable that column using the “Screen Options” menu).
While editing a content you should see several side widgets with stats, and some controls with the ability of turning on and off reactions for content type or single specific content.
For further information please read this guide: https://www.da-reactions-plugin.com/knowledge-base/

If you think that this plugin is still missing any feature you may use this page (https://www.da-reactions-plugin.com/support/forum/feature-request/) to suggest some.

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