2 December 2019

Suggest a feature.

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Do you want a specific feature in next version of the plugin?

Add a comment with your request or suggestion, the idea with most reactions will be added to next version of the plugin.

14 thoughts on “Suggest a feature.

  • Please add the ability to undo. You can change your reaction, but cannot complete undo should you decide against reacting afterwards.

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  • Bonjour,
    Ce serait bien qu’il fonctionne avec buddypress et Rtmedia.
    Afin que l’on puisse réagir aux commentaires et aux photos posté par les abonnés de mon site.
    Merci d’avance

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    • Cela fonctionne déjà avec BuddyPress, rtMedia je ne sais pas.

      Le développement est momentanément interrompu par la pandémie.

      Merci pour votre intérêt.

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      • Il n’apparaît pas sur les commentaires utilisateurs et ni sur les photos/vidéos posté. 🙁
        Tenez moi au courant des que vous reprenez le développement.

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  • Hi there.
    The plugin is great! Good job!
    I would like to give users the ability to react on calendar entries and other content types.

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    • The plugin already works on different post types, so it should work on calendar entries if they are made with custom post types.

      The development is currently stopped for pandemia.

      Thank you for your interest.

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  • Hi,
    I would love to use that plugin for bbpress but it seems like the plugin doesnt recognise different users. On my test site I liked a post with one user. Then changed the user and the like button from before was already activated. That means that the plugin thought that it was still the same user, although it was not..
    Is it clear what I mean? Can you help please?

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    • Hello Sandra, I answered the other question on wordpress.org.

      This plugin lets anomymous user to vote, so it needs to store something to identify a returning unknown user.

      User identification policy can be changed on Reactions > General Settings > Preferences, where you may enable and disable Cookies and IP collecting.

      This is a sensitive topic as the site owner is responsible for this type of data collecting.

      You may have “false positives” when you consent anonymous reactions with Cookies/IP storage and visit the same page with the same browser twice, as the Cookie and IP are the same. If you need to store reactions only for known users you should disable IP and Cookies identification as the could generate false positives on shared computers.

      Hope this will help you.

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  • I would like to see an overview on the admin posts page of how many of each reaction were clicked. That way I can easily compare among lots of posts, which are getting which type of reaction (not just the top few).

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    • Hello HMMC, I added a simple pie chart on Dashboard and the Reactions column on Posts’ admin, but I didn’t know how this data could be really useful for site owners, please describe how this data could be aggregated to be more significant, i will be happy to add a more useful widget on next plugin release.

      Reach me at plugin@danielealessandra.com

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      • Well, I post stories I have written, and would like to see how many people liked and didn’t like each of the stories. Right now, I can see how many of each reactions to ALL my stories, in the aggregate, but that doesn’t tell me much about which stories people liked the best, or worst, or which had a mix of positive and negative reactions.

        There is a widget that will display the most liked stories (posts) on the site itself, but I don’t want them displayed, I just want to see reaction data. Preferably on the admin post page, so I can scan through the list of all posts and get an easy overview at a glance.


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  • Hi! I am a theme developer. Please add the ability to install the code in a custom space. May be a chance to reassign the hook?

    $this->loader->addFilter( ‘myhook’, $plugin_public, ‘addButtonsToContent’, 1000 )

    Thank’s 😉

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    • Hello Dmitry, you may use the shortcode [reactions type="post" id="1"] to add widget in every sapce that supports shortcodes. You need to update to DaReactions 3.10.0.

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