How to add your own SVG to provided collection

This plugin comes with 250 included SVG monochromatic vector icons, those kind of icons could be colored in real time using color picker; all other image types, such as JPG, GIF or PNG, cannot be colored in real time, and are not vector.

WordPress blocks SVG upload for very important security reasons, so it is impossible to use your own SVGs, but if you are a graphic designer or a developer and you know that your SVG files are 100 percent safe and don’t contain malicious script you may add your own graphic to this plugin.

  • Inside the plugin folder find /admin/icons/svg/ and create your own folder here. This folder name should not start with a underscore _ because files and folder which names begins with this character will be ignored.
  • Inside your own folder copy all your SVG files, just like all other plugin-provided files.
  • Navigate to Reactions » Reactions manager page and click on one of the icons to change graphic.
  • You SVGs will be listed belong the others, and the colorize function should work too.

Remember that any change to plugin files and folders will be lost on the next update!