Great update! Version 3.0.0 is available.

Finally version 3.0.0 is ready and will be available in a few hours here.

What is new?

This release is completely compatible with the previous, although there are some important updates.

Cache, for slow hosting

Don’t worry if your hosting is slow or shared, you won’t need a supercomputer to use this plugin, even if you have many visitors.

A new internal cache system will reduce drastically the number of database requests.

Show me the names.

As many customers requested is now possible to know who have voted an entry, it may be done in two ways:

  • When you keep mouse over the count badge a tooltip with latest names appears.
  • When you click the count badge a modal popup with more names appears.
  • Results in modal can be filtered by reaction, and every name has a link to the BuddyPress’ Profile or the Author Page.

What are you waiting for?

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