DaReactions 1.3.0 is huge!

Finally DaReactions 1.3.0 is ready for download.

This update brings a lot of new things, all of them requested by you, let’s see what’s new…

BuddyPress integration. For real!

A BuddyPress user asked for a “real integration”, so now every reaction will be posted among BuddyPress Actions in both users streams: the user who added a reaction and the author of the content in which reaction is added!

Use your own SVG from Media Library.

By default WordPress does not consent to upload SVG files through the Media Uploader, but there are some plugins out there that activate this feature. With DaReactions 1.3.0 you’ll be able to use your own SVG to create reactions’ buttons: every monochromatic SVG artwork will be colorized according to color picker selection.

Use different color for Reactions and for Widgets.

Sometimes the colors you use for reactions are way too similar to be used also in Pie Charts. Now you’ll be able to choose different color for charts.

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