Add reactions to everything in your WordPress site.


What this plugin can do out of the box


Create your own reactions in a few clicks.


Supports BuddyPress and Woocommerce.

User Filters

Enable or disable Reactions for users by role.

Statistics and widgets

Display useful information about users interactions.

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Why should I use this plugin on my site?
Reactions are an effective way to engage your visitors

Sometimes is difficult to get a real feedback from your visitors while it is very useful to know what people thinks about your contents.

Asking for comments and reviews is often useless as people usually don’t want to expose themselves with their own opinions; and the ones that are happy to comment are always internet trolls seeking for attention.

The reaction system is a very effective way to have a quick and honest feedback from your visitors as they seems anonymous and simple.

You may use the six famous Reactions that Facebook introduced in 2016 or create your own emotions to best fit your website’s mood.

  • More honest feedback from your visitors because they’ll simply click a button to say what they think.

  • More returning visitors as they want to see how other people reacts to the same content.

  • Choose between 250 vector icons in your favorite color or upload images.

  • 9 of 10 technical request are closed in a few hours, all requests have an answer in less than 72 hours.

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